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7 Reasons to Choose Powder Coating

Powder coating has become an increasingly popular alternative to conventional paint, and for good reason. It provides an attractive, durable finish that will stand up to weather extremes. In addition to that, it is considered to be more environmentally sound than conventional paint because it doesn’t contain those harsh chemical solvents. Here’s a look at seven great reasons to choose powder coating.

All Weather Coating

Whether the rain is viciously pounding or the hot sun mercilessly sweltering, powder coating will provide excellent protection.


After applying the powder coating, you can expect it to continue to look great for over 20 years, regardless of weather conditions.

Many Colors Available

Powder coating can be done in a broad spectrum of colors, so you can be confident you’ll find just the right shade for your aesthetic.

Patio Furniture Powder Coating

It almost seems as if powder coating was invented just so it could be applied to patio furniture. It’ll look great and keep your furniture protected from weather extremes.

Great for Restorations

Whether an automobile or some type of antique, powder coating is an excellent way to provide the final step in bringing it back to life.


You’d be surprised at how many different kinds of jobs that powder coating can handle. From metal fencing to an old barbecue, it’s up for the challenge.

Environmentally Conscious

In addition to being free of those chemical solvents, there’s also the environmental perk that any coating that is leftover from a job can be recollected and recycled for future use.

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